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leonardo's farm - theme song
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An eclectic community made up of family, friends, neighbors, and a barn full of animals whose work and play nurture imagination, creativity, emotional intelligence and strength!


Meet LEO - He is a five year old artist, who sees the world through shape, color, and texture.

He has a twin sister, SAM, who explores life on the farm with Leo.  She is well versed in all things nature, order, and problem - solving.  Sam loves finding patterns and connections in her world.

Their cousin, MAX, joins them each day and brings his love of photography and phonics to the farm.

Imagine a life on the farm where wild animals from all corners of the world show up at your door!

Mom, MEG, is a veterinarian and helps care for the rescued animals that her sister, IZZY sends from her travels around the globe.  Max's father BEN helps by delivering animals and Izzy's discoveries to the farm each day. 

Izzy joins the children live each day via the internet, to share her travels and experiences with culture, art, stories, food, and music from every continent.
Izzy gives a glimpse of the people and organizations helping our planet and animal friends.  She explores the habitats, family life, and experiences of each animal, and the culture, art and music from around the world.


The animal families who live on Leo's farm welcome new friends each day and hear stories, share emotional lessons and explore life through another creature's eyes.

We are busy here at the farm - Leonardo's Farm, as he named it -

While Leo, Sam, and Max play, we learn concepts of language, phonics, math and science. We watch as the animals problem-solve social and emotional issues. Together we share their experience of meeting and learning about others, as well as the similarities and differences of the world.

All this is done while we spend the day playing in the barn, in the gardens, around the pond, and in the woods. We explore the world right outside our big barn doors!

Won't you join our family and help us cultivate creative kids?



  • introducing concepts of math, science, and phonics through the games and play Leo, Sam, and Max explore at the start of each show

  • develop social-emotional intelligence while observing the stories and situations the animals engage in with each other and the visitors to the farm

  • explore world culture, art, music, food, and stories with our live character Izzy each day as she video calls the children

  • develop empathy and compassion while learning animal anecdotes and helping Meg care for the rescued friends on our farm


As we are busy animating our show, here are a few illustrations of our family!  There are 3 children, 2 animated adults, 1 live adult, a dog (howard), a giraffe (twigs), farm animals that vary every episode, and one visiting "wild" animal each episode.  This is written in a flexible style to fit the length needed. It can also be segmented to mix and match episodes - some with more characters, some with a few per story.


I always wanted to live on Sesame Street or have Mr. Rodger's be my neighbor.  Our street is a farm, our neighborhood is the world - and Izzy connects us to our neighbors by the flat screen of the day!  Through play, we normalize differences, and highlight similarities of life around the globe.  Our stories create a growth mindset, and expose children to the creative thinking skills and emotional connection needed to grow and thrive today. As Sesame Street wanted to prepare a generation for school, we are looking to connect a generation to the world around them and help them create a way to make a difference. 

Leonardo's farm is an animated series.  The structure of each show starts with the children exploring concepts of math, science, and phonics.  It moves to the animals talking among themselves.  The animal stories center around building emotional intelligence.  Our live character Izzy comes through next to bring the world to the doorstep of every child (Leo and yours!).  We explore organizations that take care of our planet, animal habitats, and world culture.  As Ben (Max's father) brings new friends to the farm, we interact with Sam and her mom Meg as we attend to the visiting animal's needs.  We finish the show with the animals revisiting the emotional story with our new friend, and watch Leo, Sam, and Max create or practice a new skill before they all get called in to dinner.  This is the day on our farm!



  • Each episode will center around one animal or cultural aspect of a country.  We will collaborate with organizations that are working to protect our planet.  We will help spread their mission in child friendly stories to both empower children to participate, and connect them to our global community.

  • Leo's farm will provide tools, resources, and guidance to help children explore creative thinking and mindfulness through each episode, books, games, and DIY video curriculum.

  • Books written:

    • from Leo's perspective will be creative stories with project based instructions included.

    • from Sam's perspective will be adventures where she works out her anxiety and triumphs through bravery.

    • from Max's perspective are easy readers, interactive with picture cards, building children's phonic skills and independent reading.

    • from the animal's perspective are social-emotional stories of growing up and discovering your dreams.

  • Games and DIY video will help parents and teachers to reinforce these skills through play.


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