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Embarking on my Ph.D.

I will include here, my discussion posts for the class - Meaningful Learning Experiences in Supportive Environments.

My name is Sharon and I have recently joined Walden pursuing my Ph.D. in education. I am following the P-20 self-designed track, and was just placed into this course!  Feeling a bit behind already, I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

I have been teaching for 24 years, started later in life, and though I have my master's in elementary education, I found myself working in the early childhood field for the last 19 years.  I have owned a center for 16 years, presently in my current location for 6.  I am working on a spring launch of products and tools for early childhood curriculum, my first focus is on the social/emotional games and products I had created for my teachers.  I am also very interested in e-learning platforms especially as tools for early childhood educators.  My focus lately is curriculum design to help parents and educators build social/emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset through art and cultural perspectives.

On a personal note, I live in CT, love to travel, and since recently losing my greyhound have been traveling more than usual!  I have always wanted my Ph.D., and recently decided to embark on this challenge. I won't lie, time constraints worry me, as well as not having a clear understanding of what my dissertation study will be.  Any and all advice is welcome!  I have always felt I need to know more before feeling I have something to contribute.  As I am creating products and writing, I felt like it was time to learn how to research, substantiate my work with data, and feel comfortable that I have critically analyzed what I am trying to do.  I decided to pursue this degree to face my fears - not knowing enough, not writing/communicating clearly enough, and finding a clear message.  

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Beryl Watnick
Beryl Watnick
Dec 06, 2019

It sounds as if you are enormously creative and hard working. I have the sense that you will fully immerse yourself in your Ph.D. journey.

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